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About LVKA

Lea Valley Karate Academy (LVKA) was formed in 2004 by England International and 3rd Dan Black Belt Daniel Hollister. Over the years the club evolved and grown into the large and successful club that it is today, and is now fortunate to count Sensei Daniel Hollister (3rd Dan Black Belt) as its Chief Instructor. Sensei Daniel teaches all grades and his teaching style is very popular with beginners and seniors alike. The club has always believed in creating a welcoming and inclusive training environment and new members are always welcome to join, regardless of previous experience. We positively encourage novices to join, and many of the club’s members started karate in exactly that way.

Extra training courses for all students are available throughout the year with short courses in both the Easter and Summer holidays. We also hold regular special weekend courses for students to practise and improve in specific areas such as Kata and kumite. LVKA  enjoys an active program of  social activities too — post-training activity, termly socials, presentation nights, and meals with guest instructors all occur regularly. Our largest event of the year is the Annual Party, held in December This is a fun family orientated evening with entertainment, speeches and plenty of wine! Demolition of any apparent grade segregation is the responsibility of the two Social Secretaries, who through clever use of a light drink and parties can get even the most timid karateka dancing their socks off. The best way to get an idea what the club is all about is to come to a training session and meet some of our members for yourself. Also, if you have the time, take a look at the ever-expanding collections of photos and videos on the site, which showcase both the competitive and social sides of LVKA life.

We hope to see you soon at training!


Why Karate ?

Karate enthusiasts have many different reasons for their interest in karate and other forms of martial art. Some students have been drawn to the physical well being and weight-loss aspect of training whereas others seek to add discipline and self control to their lives. Others are just concerned about safety and self defence.Whatever form of training you are looking for, The Lea Valley Karate Academy can offer a programme to suit your development needs and busy life styles. All you have to do is turn up, register with us and enjoy both the physical and social side of karate. So what are you waiting for?

Our objectives:

To develop an appreciation for karate as a sport and as a martial art

To achieve physical fitness through positive participation

To improve mental discipline and emotional equanimity

To learn self skills

To develop a sense of responsibility for oneself and others


Our Instructors

Sensei Daniel Hollister

Founder, Owner and Chief Instructor of LVKA: Daniel Hollister has been training in martial arts for 22 years and is a 3rd Dan black belt. Daniel became an England International at the age of 20, and he continues to train and fight for the England Senior A Squad competing regularly at a national and International level.

Daniel has competed and won numerous medals and trophies for his country. Some of his greatest achievements include winning Gold in Team fighting and bronze senior male individual event representing England in the Commonwealth Championships 2005 New Zealand. Winning Gold in the EKF British International 2006, winning Bronze for England in the 2008 WIKF World Championships Portugal and he also become WIKF European Champion October 2009 in Cyprus.

Daniel currently divides his time between training new students for the future, whilst still competing at a national level and and pushing himself to be the best he can in his field. He is currently expanding his knowledge, studying  ‘Fit2Fite’ (Karate moves to funky grooves) and is  fully qualified and insured to teach martial arts (11 years teaching experience) and is also a qualified first aider. Daniel is an inspired and exceptional instructor, who can inspire, motivate and develop his students to achieve excellent standards.

Sensei Katie Hurry

2nd Dan Sensei Katie Hurry has been training in martial arts for 18 years is the reigning English Champion.

Having competed and won several of medals and trophies at National and International level, some of her top achievements are being crowned Female World Champion (Gold) representing England, 2 x Bronze in European Championships, Gold in the Commonwealth Championships and of course, current England Champion Status. Katie has been fighting for England since she was 17 years old and continues to train and fight on the England senior squad.

Katie has also studied in Gym Instructing and Massage Therapy and  been teaching Karate for 5 years She is fully qualified and insured to teach martial arts and is fully qualified in first aid. Dedicated and exceptionally talented, Katie is an enormous inspiration to her students and always brings out the best in her students.

Sensei Marc Cecil

Sensei Marc Cecil has been training in Wado-Ryu style karate for 13 years and is  currently a 1st Dan Black Belt. Marc has been teaching Karate for around 6 years and is  qualified and insured to teach martial arts and is also fully qualified in administering first aid. Marc enjoys teaching and taking part in karate classes, and achieved his 2nd Dan Black Belt in May 2015



Sensei Jamie Cecil

Sensei Jamie Cecil has been training in Wado-Ryu style karate for 14 years and is currently  Black Belt 1st Dan grade which he achieved during the summer of 2011. Jamie have been teaching Karate for around 7 years on a part time basis, and opened his first class in 2006. Jamie is qualified and insured to teach martial arts and is also fully qualified in administering first aid. Jamie achieved his 2nd Dan Black Belt in May 2015




From £25 per calendar month – Unlimited training – (Train for as little as £1.25 a session)


Fees Explained

Karate lesson fees are based on a 48-week year that is then discounted and divided into 12 equal monthly payments. Students gain one months free training a year, as some months are longer and this is therefore taken into account classes are closed due to Bank Holidays, Christmas etc. If you miss any lessons due to puplic holidays you will still be expected to pay the normal monthly fee, however, you are more than welcome to attend any other (belt appropriate) lesson during that week.There is no contract to sign and students can stop attending at anytime.  We do ask that if you decide to stop attending L.V.K.A classes, that a minimum of one months notice is given. Fees are due the 1st lesson of each calendar month and can either be paid in cash or by standing order (Standing order forms are available from your instructor). We can only accept cheques for special courses and licences.


About Wado Ryu Karate

Wado-Ryu Karate is a Japanese martial art founded by Hironori Ohtsuka Sensei in 1934. Ohtsuka Sensei developed Wado-Ryu after studying the Samurai martial art of Jiu-jitsu, and Shotokan (another style of Karate). This combination, according to Ohstuka Sensei, is a softer, more natural means of self-protection.

The full name of the style is Wado-Ryu Karate-Do. The term Wado-Ryu means “way of peace” or “way of harmony”, indicating Ohtsuka Sensei’s original intention to use training in Wado-Ryu as a means of solving problems in a non-violent way. Karate-Do means “way of the empty hand”, as Karate is, for the most part, studied without the use of weapons.

For more information on Wado Ryu Karate, please download the following PDF.

The History of Wado Ryu Karate


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