Lea Valley Karate Academy are starting up a Parents, Teachers, Friends Association called the LVKAPTFA. This committee is going to be made up with parents and instructors on a voluntary basis to help take this club forward with fundraising and social events. Over the years parents and instructors have raised money which has helped fund students in competitions and buy equipment for the club.

The next fundraiser is our very own karate lottery called the LVKA500 CLUB, we are currently selling numbers between 1 – 500 at £12 (Per number) for the year. There will be a draw made once a month by the committee for your chance to win (You must be over 18 years to buy a number) …

First Prize £100

Second Prize£50

Third Prize £25

All money raised will go into the all new LVKAPTFA account and will be used to fund all aspects of karate at the club and help with karate, and social events. Please email for more information and for the rules of the 500 club or see your instructor at your next lesson.

Be part of taking this club forward and help raise money, there is no limit to the amount of numbers you can buy and is open to Parents, teachers, friends and family of the Lea Valley Karate Academy. If anyone has any other fund raising ideas please send an email with your suggestions to

We will also be looking for volunteers to be part of our new committee, so if anyone would like to put themselves forward and apply for a position please see me for more information.

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